Buying or selling a business is a daunting and complex process, and ECS will shepherd the deal from start to finish, providing the general oversight and coordination owners need for a successful closing. We recognize that your team needs to focus on day-to-day business operations essential for the business’s continued progression. For owners who are buying or selling, we drive the due diligence process, work with M&A teams (attorneys, tax accountants, bankers, buyers and target companies), carefully examine tax structures and deal terms, identify and resolve potential snags in those terms and assure a successful outcome, both financially and culturally.

Mergers and acquisitions are among the most challenging and risky of business activities. ECS partners with our Clients to streamline buy and sell-side services for mergers and acquisitions, reducing the challenges and risks associated with these complex transactions through proven due diligence, post-closing balance sheet settlement, carve out financials, and on-going integration services including Quality of Earnings (QOE) detailed worksheets.

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