Jason Mandelbaum, Managing Director, Jayden Star LLC

We were referred to ECS Consultants LLC by our bank to assist with managing our growth, as well as our external and internal controls. We initially partnered with them for their CFO services, but have expanded our relationship to include
accounting services and accounting systems integration. They are extremely responsive to our needs and provide accurate review and financial statement preparation. Since we started using ECS Consultants LLC’s services, we have
improved efficiency in our financial outlook by at least 50%. Their ability to put together meaningful data in a limited amount of time has been tremendous. I now receive monthly and quarterly reports that allow me to make immediate
decisions. This took a big effort to compile prior to working with ECS Consultants LLC.

Ali Dhoon, CEO, Core IT

As a business person, it is critical that you have expert support in key areas of your business. Choosing the right support in accounting and financial statement preparation is critical. When looking for support in these areas, I took
the approach that I wanted a company with broad resources, and that utilized a team approach to my business. No one advisor is an expert in all areas of accounting/tax, and with ECS Consultants LLC, I found the right combination
of expertise. They utilize a team approach advising me on tax issues and handling the monthly accounting issues and assisting in closing the books effectively and accurately each month with Compiled Financial Statements. ECS Consultants
LLC team approach is cost effective in that I have a relationship with one consulting firm to provide several layers of support. I consider them a key part of my team, and feel they have my company’s success in mind as trusted

Bankim Brahmbhatt, President & CEO, Bankai Group of Companies

ECS Consultants LLC provides Outsourced CFO and Internal Audit Services to our domestic and international Group of Companies. More specifically, he performs the following:

  • On-going Liaison with the Auditing Firm to ensure that Audit inquiries, legal and compliance documents, supporting documents and worksheet requested and submitted are properly reviewed and in accordance with the request. Ensure that
    all significant issues, management discussion points and concerns are properly followed up and addressed before reaching our creditors
  • Guidance and Co-ordination up to completion of Audit with our external auditors
  • Liaison with our U.S. and International Accounting Management Staff to ensure proper decision making on complex transactions involving compliance with GAAP
  • Work with our Outsourced Operations to ensure that Accounting Functions/Personnel are functioning as intended; including the Revenue Assurance Team
  • Review Selected Revenue transactions to ensure proper Revenue recognition methodologies and supporting documentation
  • Confirm Certain Accounts Payable and receivable Balances and/or perform Alternate testing, if applicable
  • Ensure that Accounts Payable and Receivable Balances are properly reviewed and aged reports are monitored.
  • Review Cost allocation of Shared Services to ensure proper calculations and in accordance with the budget
  • Review and confirm that Inter-company transactions are valid and properly recorded to correct entities

His firm took the time to fully assess our ills before prescribing a cure. Their high-level strategic view was ‘right on’, and with their expert help, we are now on a solid course for financial improvement.

Mike Taheraly, CEO, Taheraly Group of Companies

We had six different facilities which functioned like six different business lines. Every business reported financial operations independently. We were unable to integrate the finances across all our warehouse locations and retail
facilities. ECS Consultants LLC helped us! It was impressive how quickly they caught up to speed. They asked the right questions, really got to know our business and were able to provide high quality, solid information to us on
a timely basis.

Jerry Kaplan, Director of Operations, Badichi Customized Belts

Hiring ECS has been a phenomenal decision. We have accurate accounting, financial reports and real-time analysis prepared by professionals. We can now spend our time analyzing the financial reports rather than trying to put them together. Every small business should consider outsourcing their accounting to this team. ECS has proven they can do the job thoroughly, efficiently and accurately.

Guy Royston, Former VP of Finance, TRC Companies, Inc.

Mike Hassanali is a true professional who is able to complete assignments on time and get everyone around him motivated. Mike was part of my company’s outsourced audit team. He visited our offices across the country and was able to get the various staffs to work with him on a very difficult and complex project that involved the need for cultural change. I hire Mike whenever I can and I recommend him unconditionally.

CEO, Greenfield Pharmacy

I hired ECS to manage our Accounting so that I could focus on growing and running my pharmaceutical business. I did not want to be distracted by accounting functions. I have been impressed by the team’s attention to detail and service. On a monthly basis, they email me requests of necessary financial documents and then email me reminders if they have not received the documents. They keep my financials current and have reduced my accounting costs significantly. Now I can concentrate on my business, which is where my time should be spent.

B. Shiva Prakash, Former CEO, Innovative Business Solutions

Mike Hassanali is well qualified CPA who helped our organization positively and effectively merge with another software company. He was knowledgeable on the merger & acquisitions accounting and tax procedures and processes. He helped our accounting department set-up books of record and internal controls procedures of the combined firm.

Satnam Bhatia, CEO, Neel Enterprises, LLC, New Jersey

A colleague referred us to ECS. Their fees seemed reasonable so we signed-on with them. We made an excellent decision in partnering with ECS. We use them for all of our financial needs now – accounts payable, reconciliations and tax filing. Using them as a consultant and sounding board has been most beneficial to us. They provide tremendous trusted guidance to us as a small business.

Managing Director, MIRtech, Inc.

With three different businesses verticals to manage, my accounting can get complicated. I considered an accounting service but it was too expensive and their turnaround time was too long. I began to search for a web-based solution. My Financial Advisor referred me to ECS. They are quick and efficient. They have access to all our corporate bank accounts and I completely trust them with our financial information.

CEO, Kirmani Group of Companies.

ECS Consultants has been overseeing our accounting from inception and we love the way they have set up as our outsourced CFO and Accounting department. Our team gets to remain agile and we get to keep low overhead costs, but still have access a team of qualified accountants. Our books and records, financial projections, consolidated GAAP Financial Statements and tax filings stay accurate and up to date which makes all the difference in the world for an emerging growth company like us. I highly recommend ECS Consultants for doing a great job maintaining our financial records with all the integrity and value added professionalism we can count on.

CEO, Divine Group of Companies

We have great comfort using ECS Consultants team to tackle all areas of accounting. They have proven themselves to always get the job done timely and thoughtfully. Our group of entities have been successful because ECS Consultants is supporting us. They have incredible attentional to detail and the work is always completed promptly and accurately.

CEO, Anju Group of Franchise Entities

ECS Consultants recently completed a 5 year financial forecast for our group of Franchise Companies. ECS was able to crystallize our core assumptions into detailed financial statements & forecasts which allowed us to present to potential lenders with great success. All of the lenders I have shared the financials with have been impressed at our detailed forecasts and depth of understanding of our growth vision.

Isaac Ullatil, Founder and CEO, Hallmark Healthcare

ECS Consultants exceeded our expectations by presenting multi-year financial statements, quality, and complex Revenue Recognition numbers. Their analysis of Quality of Earnings (QOE) made a positive difference in the pricing of our Healthcare SaaS firm. I highly recommend that all business owners converse with their team as they are incredibly knowledgeable. They were involved in every step with a highly reputable Due Diligence Firm.

Dr. Sanjay Bhatia, Chief Medical Doctor

We utilized ECS Consultants during the recent sale of our Medical Practice. With the guidance of ECS Consultants, we successfully merged with a larger Healthcare provider positioning our firm for more growth. During the process, ECS Consultants were very professional and helped guide us through a very stressful Financial and Tax Due Diligence Process. ECS Consultants’ presentation methodology made the buyer’s due diligence team at ease, and instant trust and confidence were gained in our numbers. We recommend ECS Consultants if you want a very professional M&A Advisory Firm to work with you for a successful deal.

Sonny Patwalia, CEO NCK Distributors, Fort Lee, NJ

Initially, we retained ECS Consultants LLC for accounting. As we grew, ECS Consultants LLC became a division of our finance department and provided a scalable solution that saved us time and resources. We were 4% more profitable than we would have been if we had managed these functions in-house, and that’s assuming we would have performed those functions as well as ECS Consultants LLC. They installed Internal Controls and created our in house vendor processing procedures and processes. Through their sound advice and Consolidated Financial Statements and reporting packages, we were successful in establishing a relationship with a major global Petroleum Distribution Company.

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